Instagrams from New York


Well, basically I had one of the most incredible weekends ever. I ate a lot, ate some more, got to eat rhubarb, got to eat dumplings, went to the Gay Pride Parade, ate sandwiches and tarts in Central Park, took a nap in Central Park, listened to Michael Jackson in a taxi, and had the opportunity to tour Teen Vogue headquarters in Times Square – I was a little starstruck, so I couldn’t speak without sounding like an idiot the whole time, and all I could get out was “thank you so much,” “thank you,” “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” and “this is incredible.” I just hope I can end up in that building again someday – maybe every day.
And oh my god, I’m leaving for Europe in four days.


Flying up


Part excitement, part me seizing the opportunity to make a funny face.


That’s right, I got into the Conde Nast building.


Teen Vogue’s closet contains the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen.


They handed me a Coach hat and Chloe bag to wear while my picture was taken. I didn’t hesitate!


I had to get one in front of the sign, come on.


Andrew gave me a souvenir. This isn’t in stores at the moment.


The pictures are blurry because I couldn’t stop shaking.


I just really liked this window.


Yeah, I’m not getting rid of this sticker.


Rhubarb crisp at The Little Owl.


Lobster salad. It was oh-my-god good.


PAC-man dumplings. Genius and delicious.


Gay pride parade.


New York City bike rides


Biking through Manhattan is one of my favorite things to do in New York. There are bike paths all over the island, and if you’re brave enough, you can always use the bike lanes in roads to get where you need to go (it actually isn’t that scary at all.) Manhattan has lots of bike shops where you can rent a variety of bikes including single, tandem, racing, and vintage, equipped with bells, baskets, and of course, helmets.
My favorite path runs along the West Side Highway, right next to the Hudson River. On that path, I’ve passed restaurants, Chelsea Piers, bridges, and a naval museum. You can eventually get to Central Park from the path, but you have to ride in the streets for a while – it’s worth it.
These pictures are from a bike trip I took with my family and some friends about a year and a half ago, when we rode from the West Village to Central Park.
At the bike shop in the Village:
Trying out the tricycle:
Taking a pit stop and eating hot dogs in Central Park (Afterwards it started pouring so we raced home and I wrapped my camera up in a bunch of paper so it wouldn’t get destroyed – at least we had fun while we were there!):
┬áNow of course I am a model student, so it makes complete sense that I still have about 130 words to go before I’m completely finished with this mythology final. I’ve got to go to bed before 3:00 tonight so I’m out. Goodnight!