Official Release Statement


It’s official: I’m getting out of here.
My somewhat instantaneous decision to go apply for the Austria program worked out really well, and on June 29th, I will be en route to Munich (I’m assuming it will be June 30th by the time I land, so I won’t be flying directly to Austria until then.)
It has only very recently occurred to me that this is real. I won’t be sleeping until 2:00 or working a job I have zero passion for this summer – I’ll be breathing the world’s purest air and learning about expatriate writers in the Alps and running off to another country every other weekend or so. I also plan on getting fat, because if I’m going to spend six weeks in a country with some of the world’s best food (and its neighbors), I might as well put on some weight. Apparently there’s a cheese road that runs through Austria. Hopefully I’ll be writing all the time, but I think living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world will give me plenty of encouragement to press my fingers against a keyboard or take a pen to paper. I know people who are going, and they want to travel around Europe just like I do. I want to spend weekends in Vienna, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Or maybe Slovenia, or Croatia if it isn’t too far away. The point is that I’m going to go somewhere.
This trip is coming at a very good time for me. I’m very desperate to get away this summer – lots of issues are popping up in my circles of influence, and I’m dying to evade them. Some of my relationships have gone haywire. I’m also terrified that I’ll somehow end up a deadbeat.
At home, I have drugged out friends, a baby, and a father in the middle of his mid-life crisis to deal with. Thankfully, though, I get to spend six weeks focusing on literature, traveling, and eating as much as I can. Going away might not be a permanent escape from the stress I’ve been experiencing, but at least I have the chance to get away.
I guess there really wasn’t as much on my mind as I expected to type out. Just know that I’m excited.