Austria ho?


I might have a new adventure to look forward to.
I originally planned to spend the majority of my summer abroad. I wanted to do a maymester in Cannes, where I could take a few journalism classes while attending – and reviewing – a few premieres at the Cannes film festival. Then I would be home for a few weeks at the most and ship myself out to Oxford, because studying at Oxford is my dream and I don’t think there’s a better place to study English literature than the place where it was written. I also wanted to stalk Philip Pullman’s house and daydream about getting tea or eating pizza with him, but I know that day will have to wait… and a very long time, at that.
I have several reasons for wanting to get away this summer. First of all, Macon really sucks. You can get drunk or go to this one bar. Yeah, that’s about it. Also my dad decided to go and have another kid. (Okay, I think it was an accident? I’m still kind of unsure to this day, and the thing’s going to pop out in a few weeks.) That baby is going to stress me out beyond belief. Everything is about to change drastically, and I really don’t want to let go of my life. I also don’t want to get woken up multiple times by a screaming infant. I already wake up at strange times in the night. I could not stay in Macon. I would freak out way more than I usually do, and even though I panic all the time, I don’t really enjoy it. I was determined to get away.
However, I was disillusioned in November at my advising appointment. I honestly don’t know why I even listened to her. She had no idea that I’m getting degrees in journalism and English, and she was determined to get me to graduate early. I know I don’t have a chance at graduating before 2014 since I’m double majoring, but of course she didn’t know that. My advisor was intent on convincing me to take economics this semester, and I was terrified because
1) I suck at math
2) Econ is hard at UGA
3) At the time, English 4000, the hard class, was still required for English majors and I was planning on sucking my fear up this semester and getting the class out of the way.
The last thing I wanted to do was destroy my grade point average. I was not going to take a class I could possibly get a C or D in just to appease somebody who didn’t even know what my major was. (She did say my essay about the Pacific Ocean was the best Grady admissions essay of the latest batch of students who applied, so I left on a really high note.) I had figured out how to take economics “early” (which is really bullshit because econ isn’t a prerequisite for ANY OTHER JOURNALISM CLASS): I’d just abandon my dreams at take it at Macon State over the summer so I could make an A instead of a C minus. I could work too right? I could get a job or an internship at some local magazine, it’d be better than nothing and I needed to go ahead and get my internship out of the way… Yeah, I was a little reluctant to my huge letdown.
Well, I changed my mind again. I think I made a decent compromise anyway.