Elephant rides


I intended to get around to elephant rides in last night’s post, but my sleepiness would not allow it. Now that I’ve gone to bed, woken up, gone to class, gone to bed again and woken up once more, I think I’ve gotten enough rest to write about riding an elephant without getting too distracted.
While my family was planning this past summer’s trip to Thailand, I repeatedly told my dad that I wanted adventure. I could sit on a beach and a book anywhere. Why would I want to do that in a country as fascinating as Thailand? Thankfully, he got the memo, and dedicated a day of the trip to adventure for me. I was also lucky because this day of adventure did not entail any hiking, an activity that I’m sorry to say I have never enjoyed.
Anyway, back to elephants – I think I’ll have to save the complete adventure for another post because I have a paper due tomorrow and I’m 20 words in. Our guide picked us up at our hotel and took us to town for a while for the Tuesday market. After about half an hour, we left the market and rode to a spot in the jungle where the elephants were waiting for us.
I can’t resist not putting a few pictures from the market into this post. The market mainly sold necessities – most of the booths were dedicated to food, clothes, and toiletries.
 The car ride to the elephants:

The elephants and their drivers were waiting for us when we got there. Getting on the elephant I rode wasn’t as scary as getting on a camel was for me. There were these seats on top of the elephants’ backs. I’m sure they’re for a greater sense of safety, but I also think the seats are there so you don’t have to sit directly on the elephants’ skin, which is pretty gross and hairy. The bench also meant that I didn’t have to hold onto something for dear life, so I felt safe to take my camera on board, which turned out to be awesome because the ride was set against an incredible backdrop.
My sister getting on our elephant:
 I definitely enjoyed riding the elephant. At the beginning of the ride, my sister and I were fascinated with our elephant captain because he was smoking a joint. The picture we got is really blurry.
Elephant skin:
Riding an elephant is much more relaxing (if you can describe it that way) than riding a camel or horse because you’re not constantly worrying about falling off. Well, if you’re me. The only part of the ride that scared me was riding downhill because the terrain was somewhat steep. Regardless, I would definitely recommend that you do it if you ever get the opportunity to take a ride.
A taste of my view – I don’t think we could have picked a more beautiful day for an adventure:
 I’ll post the rest of my adventure later because I still have 900 words to write for my final paper. Goodbye and happy trails!

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