Rice fields


When I was in first grade, I obsessed over National Geographic magazines. I had just switched schools and obviously barely knew my new classmates, so I often turned to magazines for entertainment. My classroom had a huge stack of National Geographics that I flipped through to learn about the world – kind of like the speaker in Elizabeth Bishop’s “In The Waiting Room,” which

shocked me when I read it because I had a somewhat similar experience. What I remember most from my National Geographic binge is seeing a lot of green: leaves, landscapes, you get the idea. National Geographic magazines also taught me that rice fields exist, and at six years old I established my dream to see one in person.Almost thirteen years later, I went to Thailand and manifested that dream. One day my family and I toured a few villages in the northern part of the country, and we got to ride a truck that drove by them – rice fields! Finally, it was really happening. I doubt the field in the third picture is a rice field (I think it’s probably corn or something), but I was still psyched to see it.  


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